Simple yet powerful MBA course registration software.

  • Darden Solutions

    Darden Solutions

    Darden is one of the leading partners in a consortium of the top 20 business schools. In 1997 Darden and many of these schools were at a consortium meeting discussing the need for a superior student registration system. They discussed the demands of MBA students for specific courses, the need for a very fair registration process and the desire to have a high touch alumni development system. At that point Darden and some of the other schools already had some in-house systems in place. Schools that wanted to use the best system asked for a "bake-off." Darden won and Darden Solutions was born.

    Since 1997 Darden has been enhancing and licensing software to other MBA schools that want to partner with us and make the product the best of breed in the MBA school market place

    Our consortium members drive the future direction of our products and services. Whether through phone calls or our feedback website, our members enhancement requests determine what we add to the products.

    We understand. Darden Solutions is a department within the University of Virginia's Darden Graduate School of Business. Since 1997, Darden Solutions has worked together with the top schools in the country to develop best-in-class student information systems for Admissions, Career Services, Course Registration, and Alumni Services. We work on the grounds of The University. We know what works on a college campus.

    We are not your ordinary staff. Each of our developers have over fifteen years of experience in technology. They understand the web because they've been working with it since the beginning. Together with our project managers, thorough quality assurance staff, and systems administrators, we have a very helpful staff.

  • Our Client List


    Our Client List

    We are looking for good partners

    Darden is interested in partnering with schools who want to be part of a consortium of other schools, that are all interested in helping one another and creating the best of breed MBA course registration and alumni networking software. Here is our current client list:

    Please let us know if you would like any references.

  • Registrar


    Registration that doesn't end after add/drop Give your students the opportunity to create a course schedule that meets their personal and professional goals. Then use registration data to identify which course combinations are the most popular and appropriate for different student types

    Better than Ebay Use our course bidding process to fairly allocate courses with limited seating. The creation of a marketplace for available classes has been proven to provide an equitable process that is embraced by students. Familiar with Dutch bidding? Contact us.

    A place for everybody Our registrar system is comprised of a website for Faculty, Students, and the Registrar.

    Mulitple Programs Managing multiple programs through a single interface is a snap within the Registrar Module. Staff can design course schedules and clone groups of classes for upcoming terms. Multiple phases are available to offer different courses to various student groups based on their roles. Seating options allow allocations by student type to offer the appropriate number of spaces. Course templates let you quickly apply school calendars to courses. You can also post messages to the student portal. Communication, crucial for you and your students.

    The student portal is the system centerpiece that provides enhanced searching for students to find all available courses and create their schedule. Students take action on individual courses or a cart full of courses. Alternate selections can be configured to place students in alternate classes if their primary request is unavailable. Students that don't make it into a course can be automatically placed on a wait-list. Real-time add/drop and class swaps enhance the ability for students to modify their schedules to meet their needs.

    The faculty website organizes course rosters and makes grading a snap for faculty members to see their course rosters and enter grades. Assistants can also have a security role to complete some of the functions on behalf of faculty.